Imaginative Choreographic Center 2021

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STEAM ROOM is an artistic team within the field of choreography and dance. The team is formed by Aleksandar Georgiev - Ace, Zhana Pencheva and Darío Barreto Damas, three choreographers/dancers actively operating locally and internationally.


STEAM ROOM is formed out of the wish to facilitate conditions and environments that contribute to the development of the work in the field of choreography and dance in different localities, with an intrinsic international vision. STEAM ROOM aims to open spaces for reflection and wider critical knowledge through artistic work and cultural initiatives.



Eliza Kancheva



Eliza Kancheva is a freelance dance artist based in Bulgaria.


Her professional experience in the field of dance and choreography starts by being a part of Dune Dance Company (Bulgaria) and expands with taking part in different artistic projects and dance programs in Bulgaria, Germany, Portugal, Moldova and Croatia.


Her practice as a dancer is mainly focused on channeling the inner desire, curiosity and drive to move and the exploration of movement as a vital and universal necessity. She is deepening her research by giving classes, sharing her practice with people by guiding them into connecting to the flow and pleasure of dance. Aside from her movement exploration, she is passionate to continue broadening her practice, visions and experiences in the context of art, education, dance and choreography.





Gjorgji Despodov


Gjorgji Despodov is an artist and multidisciplinary designer based between Bulgaria and Macedonia. He mainly works in the visual arts field creating concepts through a wide range of disciplines such as graphic design, art direction, 3dvisuals and illustration.

He graduated with a BA in Advertising Design in the National Academy of Arts in Sofia in 2019 and he currently works as a freelance visual designer. Gjorgji has a visual vocabulary influenced by pop art, 80's cinematography and memphis design.

His work exists between physical and digital environments. He explores, through the use of different techniques (videos, installations, 3dvisuals and photographs), his relation to the images that nourished him from an early age.

His work is mostly inspired from the bizarre late 80’s films, television and advertisements, strengthened with digital techniques and color composing. "My creative approach to design is to create a strong impression of the external form with an implied narrative. I am trying my work frequently to display a collection of ordinary objects in an unusual context, giving new meanings to familiar things."



Hector Mangas Afonso


Hector is a creative from Tenerife interested in graphic design and psychology. He's graduated from BSc Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Manchester and works on the intersection between psychology and media. For ICC, he's worked on the web design and graphics along with Gjorgji Despodov.


His main interest at the moment is on the psychology of communication and the way in which we convey messages. At the moment, he's exploring the relationship between personality and typography.




Web by hectormangas, logo by Gjorgji Despodov