ICC (Imaginative Choreographic Center) launches HOT BODIES, a discursive program line which supports, stimulates and nurtures new generations of artists within the field of choreography and dance. This initiative is thought to happen in several localities, this time focusing on the scene in Bulgaria.

HOT BODIES will take place 3 times throughout 2021 and 2022 in Bulgaria, (once in Burgas and two times in Sofia), providing a context where young artists based in Bulgaria who are starting to work in the field of choreography and dance have the possibility to work on their artistic interests through the perspective of the current working freelance dynamics. HOT BODIES offers rehearsal and stage space, mentoring, feedback, production budget, morning training and workshops.

Each HOT BODIES session will count with the participation of maximum 5 young artists based in Bulgaria. Through this open call ICC will select a maximum of 5 artists to participate in the first session of HOT BODIES, (HOT BODIES #1).



DATES: HOT BODIES #1 will take place in Sofia from 14th June to 20th June 2021, (within the frame of the program line POETIC BODIES in Sofia), and in Burgas from 28th June to 7th July 2021.

PLACE: Sofia and Burgas, working and performing spaces to be confirmed.

BUDGET: each participant will receive 400 BGN for honorary and materials needed for the work.

SPACE: rehearsal space for 5 days, 2 to 4 hours per day.

TECH: technical support before and during the public presentation.

DOCUMENTATION: each participant will have photo and video documentation of their process and presentation and a brief critical analysis of it.

PROGRAM: The detailed program of HOT BODIES #1 be published soon, including the information about the mentors, morning training teachers and other professionals involved, be published soon.


The program does not offer travel or accommodation but we can cooperate to find the easier/cheaper way to solve it.

HOT BODIES #1 working language will be English and or Bulgarian depending on the participants



  • If you are selected to participate in HOT BODIES #1 you are expected to join ICC´s program line POETIC BODIES. POETIC BODIES proposes two “situations”, (a one-week context where to engage in a specific artistic proposal), one of them lead by the artist Aleksandar Georgiev focused on his artistic proposal S-HOLE, happening from 16th June to 20th June 2021 in Sofia, and the other lead by the artist Zhana Pencheva focused on her artistic proposal Dance baby, dance, happening from 14th June to 18th June 2021 in Sofia. As HOT BODIES #1 participant you will need to choose one of the two “situations” to take part in. You can find more information about the proposed “situations” above. You do not need to apply separately for POETIC BODIES, if you are selected for HOT BODIES #1 you have direct access to POETIC BODIES.
  • Engage in their own artistic process during 28th June - 7th July 2021, resulting in a public presentation, (up to 15 min work per participant), happening on the last day of the program.
  • Join the mentoring sessions during the research/creation process. Each participant will be offered 2 to 4 hours of individual meetings with active figures from the scene of choreography and dance in Bulgaria.
  • Participate in collective feedback meetings and discussions with wider audience and professionals from the field.
  • Participate in morning training from 28th June to 2nd July 2021.
  • Participate in workshops during the program.



Young artists based in Bulgaria who are starting to work in the field of choreography and dance. (Since HOT BODIES #1 focuses on the Bulgarian scene).




Take in consideration that HOT BODIES #1 is thought for artists who haven’t encountered yet or just have started to work and explore the freelance working dynamics in the field.

For taking part in HOT BODIES #1 send information ABOUT YOU and YOUR INTEREST in choreography and dance connected to AN IDEA you want to WORK ON.

Use the media/approach you find more suitable: text, image, video, audio, etc. The length can be framed and decided by you, (a fast tip: longer or bigger doesn’t mean better). You can send the application in Bulgarian or English language.

THE DEADLINE FOR APPLYING IS 25TH MAY 2021. Results will be announced on 1st June 2021 through mail and ICC website. A maximum of five artists will be invited to participate in HOT BODIES #1.


Send your presentation to with email subject HOT BODIES #1 / *Full name*.

If you have any questions just write to us! ICC is looking forward to meet you!

HOT BODIES is realised with the financial support of the National Culture Fund of the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria.






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